Ready to pay your bill?  We have a convenient option to meet your needs.

SmartHub makes bill payment a breeze.  From your computer, phone, or tablet, you can make payments on any of your accounts.  Actively manage your account by logging in and making a payment each month or set it and forget it with stored payment options or recurring payments by bank draft or credit card.  You can also use SmartHub to monitor your usage, set up notifications and report outages.  Payments are applied to your account immediately.

If you prefer quick and easy, no-frills online payment, we have the PayNow option just for you.  Simply enter your account number to view all current balances.  Payments are applied immediately.

Our secure, automated phone system is perfect for quick and easy payments anytime, any day of the week.  Just call 877-760-7425 and follow the prompts.  Payments are applied immediately.

You can make a payment at one of our kiosks located in Price Chopper at Harrisonville or Belton.  Click the Payment Kiosk button for the address and map of these locations.  Payments are applied immediately.

We have a conveniently place drop box available 24/7 at each office location.  Click the Drop Box button to find a location near you.

Pay in person at one or our three locations.  Click the Visit an Office button to see the office hours and address of an office near you.

If you prefer to pay your bill by mail, please send it to the following address:

Osage Valley Electric Cooperative

PO Box 470

Butler MO 64730