Annual Meeting 2024

The 86th Annual Meeting of the members of Osage Valley Electric Cooperative Association will be held on August 22, 2024. The Osage Valley Electric Cooperative Board of Directors has decided to change the format of the upcoming 2024 Annual Meeting. Following discussion regarding the desire to increase member involvement, lower costs associated with the annual meeting, and noting the success of other Missouri Cooperatives transitioning to this option, they have elected to hold a drive-thru meeting.

Members will be able to participate in the annual meeting in the drive-thru option, or by voting online, as in the past. The drive-thru option will be available at both Butler and Clinton.
A $20 electric credit will also be given to all members who register and vote by either option. All registered members will also be entered into a drawing for additional credit certificates.
Although a meal and entertainment will not be provided this year, a gift will be given to those participating in the drive-thru option.

More information to come.