Energy Audit

A home energy audit helps owners determine where their house is losing energy and money and how such problems can be corrected to make your home more energy efficient. The energy auditor will use computerized diagnostic equipment, such as a blower door, to determine the most cost effective measures appropriate for each home.  Information about each house (windows, doors, square footage, type of heating/cooling system, etc) is collected and entered into the computer.  Typical measures include installing insulation in walls, floors and attics; reducing air infiltration; sealing and repairing ducts; cleaning and tuning and/or repairing heating and cooling units.  The results will help the member to determine the cost effective measures.

A blower door is a diagnostic tool used to locate the points of infiltration in the home and help prioritize the air sealing protocols. This device will be mounted in an exterior door opening. The blower door uses a calibrated, powerful , variable speed fan to depressurize the house. Air movement and pressure differentials are measured using a set of gauges attached to the frame and fan. In addition to measuring air movement, the blower door will exaggerate the leakage points in the house for easy identification of areas that need repairs.

The homeowner will receive a written report of recommended energy efficient measures for their house.  Osage Valley will rebate the member half of the cost (up to $750) for the recommended repairs to be implemented.  The member is responsible for hiring their own contractor.  Also if you complete the two repair items that will be highlighted in your audit report as most urgent within 90 days of your audit, you will be eligible to have your initial $125 refunded back to you.

The cost to have an energy audit on your home is $125.00.  If you would like to schedule an energy audit, complete the form below and send to our office with payment.   An auditor will contact you to schedule an appointment shortly after we receive your form and payment. Questions?  Call 660-679-3131 Ext 5547 for more information.