Medical Alert

Osage Valley Electric Cooperative is committed to keeping the power on. Occassionally, severe storms or high winds can cause power outages of up to several hours. Sometimes power lines need maintenance requiring the electricity to be shut off for a while. For most consumers this is just an inconvenience. However, for those who depend on electricity to power life support equipment, an outage can present a severe hardship. If you are one that depends on electricity we advise that you plan ahead to be prepared in the event of a catastrophe. We recommend that you have a generator, an alternate form of power, or can make arrangements to get to a facility that offers this. If you or any member of your family depends on electrically powered life support equipment, please have your doctor provide a note of necessity and turn it in to the Butler office. We will then be able to flag your account with a medical alert. While power must be restored in a particular manner and this will not guarantee that you will be the first to have you power restored, it will help our employees make decisions when trying to restore power during a major outage situation.