Unclaimed Monies

From time to time, Osage Valley Electric Cooperative (OVEC) may refund monies to current and former members in the form of retirement of capital credits, refunds, deposits and overpayments.  These payments are sent to the address we have on file, so please be sure the Cooperative has a valid address, even if you cease to be a member.  Any such checks which are not returned or are lost and not presented for payment to the Cooperative’s bank, will be handled according to Article 6, Section 5 of the Cooperative’s bylaws which provide these monies will be assigned and given to the Cooperative.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that we are currently refunding unclaimed capital credits to former and/or present members of OVEC for the following years:  1994, 1995, and/or 2020, as well as any unclaimed deposits, refunds, or overpayments.   A complete list of members that have failed to claim monies for at least two years after these monies have been made available can be found by clicking the buttons below.  Please check the listing to see if your name appears.

Pursuant to the bylaws of OVEC, notice is hereby given these persons listed, should they fail to claim these monies within sixty (60) days of the date of this Notice, the monies will be deemed irrevocably assigned and given to Osage Valley Electric Cooperative Association.

If you find your name on either list, please contact our office at 660-679-3131, Option 1 and provide your current mailing address so that a check can be re-issued after verification has been completed.